Composite panel, façade coverings.

The aluminum composite panel is a structure formed by a polyethylene central plate and two aluminum plates of 0.5 mm thickness that cover it, as a sandwich. This arrangement allows you to reinforce the rigidity of this plastic material, incorporating the useful characteristics of this metal. In addition, the composite panel can also be used from the visual point of view as a decoration element of facades or visual communication and labeled, taking into account that its totally flat surface allows you to make prints on an aluminum composite panel.

Characteristics of aluminum composite panel:

  • Sandwich structure formed by two aluminum plates joined by a central polyethylene core.
  • Maintains the properties of aluminum.
  • Stiffness improvement.
  • Totally flat surface.
  • Unbreakable.
  • Impact resistant.
  • Recyclable and ecological.

    • Endless combinations of materials, surfaces, colors, shapes and joints
    • Wide variety of colors and surfaces.
    • Influence on the architectural character of a building, through the use of fixed or hidden fixation. & nbsp;
    • Possibility of a three-dimensional structuring of the façade.

    Sustainability and efficiency
    • Ventilated façade systems have little tendency to suffer damage
    • Long life cycle of the façade
    • Very low maintenance costs.
    • Simple disassembly.
    • Possibility of reusing the components and materials of the façade, as well as its recycling.

      Energy efficiency
      • Protects the building against excessive heating in summer, as well as against heat loss in winter.
      • Comfort insured interior
      • Excellent diffusion of water vapor, avoiding condensation

        Constructive and thermal advantages:
        • Composite plates (ALUCOBOND ® ) have a very low weight while presenting high rigidity .
        • Simple compensation of tolerances.
        • The thickness of the insulation material is easy to modify
        • All energy standards in the construction are easy to reach
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        • Effective protection against rainwater and condensation
        • Protection against vandalism (graffiti, bumps)                         

          For any other inquiry about the aluminum composite panel, we have qualified technical personnel who will provide personalized advice.      If you wish to consult in detail all the technical information of this material you can download and / or view the following PDF document:

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